Spirit Lab is a media production initiative. We create media—vision, sound, narrative. We run this YouTube channel, called XotB, and this website, Bulcirfa.com (or alternatively Spiritlab.global).

Yes, but why “Spirit” Lab?

When this website was conceived, it was primarily focused on art and creativity. A hub for inspiration. Another world…Bulcirfa—where the wild and wonderful could be encountered.

I’m Sal Kitololo, and when I started this, my aim was to transfer along and hopefully amplify the “frequency” of inspiration I’d gotten from several sources. Especially David Byrne of Talking Heads.

I was trying to amplify this >

That’s what I meant when I thought of “Spirit”.

What does ‘Spirit Lab’ mean today?

We live in the Silent Age—the age when all the ecstatic visions, the dreams of the spirit-world, and the guidance that the human family expected to receive from ‘higher dimensions’ has been silenced. Or silent. And by that I mean, if you tell me about your spiritual experiences, you run the risk of losing all credibility and being lumped with Alex Jones, and that Canadian ex-minister who makes claims about aliens.

The Silent Age. The gods are silent. The demons are silent. Science, technology, and the material world alone speak. And the Cerebral animal, the human, holds court over this silent empire.

Today Spirit Lab is about the spiritual whispers that remain—human dreams, celestial visions, spiritual energy, the ‘unconscious’ regions of the psyche, and the signs from “the Universe”.

“The Universe” is the acceptable euphemism for  God, or the gods, when in rational company isn’t it? Spirit Lab is a attempt to experimentally and creatively listen to “the universe”.