There’s a scene at the end of the date scene—with John Travolta as Vincent Vega and Uma Thurman as Mia, Marcellus Wallace’s wife—where Mia tells Vincent a joke. It’s the context for this post’s title >


This website is the little tomato. It’s time it got squished.

So, what’s been happening here at the Spirit Lab? What’s the 2017 direction? Find out *all this* and !more!, below


Over the last 6 to 8 months it seems several people I know, as well as myself, went through some transitions where changes happened that opened up new possibilities in life. It’s a rare thing to find quite a lot  of people sharing the same general experience, in this case *transition*.

Based on this, the focus for Spirit Lab, the media initiative, and XotB the YouTube channel found a new focus—aiding individuals and groups in some way, to take advantage of this ‘transitory phase’ to embark on new paths, new trajectories, new projects.

Starting with the idea that *vision* is the bedrock of enterprise—the catch-all term for pursuing new trajectories—we have started developing new media to equip anyone willing to embrace these new life adventures. But what is vision? How is it defined? Perhaps vision is a re-framing of ones desired future, fuelled by a consciousness of new possibilities? A person grasps a compelling idea that subsequently changes how she or he imagines the next segment of her narrative, the way she views the future unfolding of her story? A powerful change in the way the mind understands the resources at its disposal and the latent potentials of tomorrow?

It is all of these things.

What then do these new possibilities suggest for enterprise? What tomorrows become newly available on the throes of embraced vision? And how do we take hold of new enterprise, and the unfamiliar challenges it poses? These are the questions that Spirit Lab seeks to answer in 2017. Within these answers are powerful ideas, mental tools, that equip even the ‘greenest’, most nascent entrepreneur—life-venturer—to seize tomorrows beyond what was previously thought possible.

The life-ventures of tomorrow are powered by ideas. We have not gone this way before.

Boa noite e boa sorte.