It’s the new year and I’ve been thinking. 2017 was a fantastic year for me. The greatest “gift” it gave me was the idea of making yourself as hardy and resilient as possible so that you can face the future if it turns bad on you. And I’ve been doing some retooling of myself in this direction.

Yes, yes, it’s also important to hope for good times. But don’t be stupid, the bad times are going to come. And you better be strong enough to handle them when they come. Emotionally, financially, psychologically, and in every other way you can, get really strong.

Part 2?

Last year I wrote a post about being more positive. In it, I talked about how 2 people who know me well thought I was a bit negative, roughly speaking.

This is the follow up, and it’s about faith, faith in yourself and a better future.

George Michael had that song…

‘Cause I gotta have faith
I gotta faith
— George Michael, Faith

Eighties babies will remember this hit and it’s catchy tune. He’s chasing away some lover because he believes life/the future will bring him something better.

He has faith that life won’t let him down if he does the right thing right now.

Maybe there’s never been a better definition of faith, and of ‘being positive’ than this. I can’t think of one.

There’s two kinds of positive, one stupid and one really useful, I think. Stupid faith is when you think life will treat you better than your experience teaches you it does. For no reason other than something like “God loves you”. That’s stupid. Don’t believe me? Well, try it out for a while then, tell me how your life goes.

Useful faith, positivity, whatever, is when you know what’s possible what’s likely, and what you can do to make the outcome you like as likely as you can. Not by voodoo and weirdness and “believing hard”—by action, right action. By living and arranging your affairs and expecting outcomes in the most objective way you can.

Unrealistic positivity

This will kill you. The universe will reward me with a stout kick in the ass most of the time, if I insist on being unrealistic. No matter how much positive vibration I’ve been putting out, I better have a hard-nosed objectivity—based on experience—about whether things look positive or not.

Then I can act to fix the reasons for possible negative outcomes. Or prepare the best I can.

How do I make sure I’m being objective and not seeing things through the lens of my neuroses, fantasies and illusions? (That’s the million dollar question right there.)

By practice. I try to forecast realistically and I’m either too positive or too negative depending on my orientation. But life is our friend and tries to help us out. It’ll give us feedback on the form of what actually happens. So if I’m too positive, I adjust downwards to fit reality, right? If I was too negative, I adjust upwards. And next time I’ll be way more on the mark.

After a while I’ll be so approximately objective that my forecasts can be treated as accurate. Accurate enough to tell me what to expect, what to plan, and what to do..

Because positivity and negativity are all about forecasting, and what to do right now.

Resolutions and things…

Though I had no intentions of making resolutions for the new year—not my thing—looks like I have one or two anyway, heh.


The first is to make every expectation, plan and goal as realistic as I possibly can. After all there’s 2 things that are not going to go away—me and reality. So I have to make those two things play as well as they can together.

Like justified text in formatting language, I intend to make sure I line up with the edges of the page (or the edges of reality) as perfectly as I can. That’s fidelity. That’s faith.

And Ancient

My second “resolution” for 2018 is about negative expectations. Now these are my enemy, right? When—at my most objective—I see definite storm clouds on the horizon, the last thing you’ll see me do is act like I can believe them away.

When I see life’s foot swiftly approaching my behind, I’m going to face facts and do what I can to avoid that kick, lol. That might mean doing something I’m not comfortable doing. Something I’ve been avoiding.

And here it is: courage. I’m going to be fearless in the face of discomfort. Because I’d rather be strong enough to shape my life and future, than childishly comforted about how bad life and fate are. But that’s not really a change, right?

Fine, I resolve to stay that way. To win my battles, to overcome my challenges, and to weather my storms. That way, my future will be enjoyable and gratifying like 2017 was.

Bom dia, bom novo ano, e boa sorte, meus amigos