A vast, sandy desert. Breathy, whistling winds blow up sand devils across the path. It’s dark, illuminated only by star-light. The lone figure, head wrapped in a Bedouin turban, trudges on, keeping balance with a staff almost as tall as it’s carrier. This is Episode Now, of the voyages of You, on your way to Destiny. Cue opening credits…

“These are the voyages of [insert your name here]. My life long mission: to explore strange new forms of myself, to seek out new experiences and new opportunities, to boldly go where no Me has gone before.”

— Earth Trek, original series

Those who believe in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator system of personality classification will no doubt accuse me of attempting to spread that ENFP personality type as a universal approach to life.

Like any ad hominem arguement, this would render anything I suggest moot. Well, new forms of you and me are a future inevitability—no one stays the same. But we like to pretend. We conform. As if we’re all the same.

Meanwhile we keep changing…

Boa noite e boa sorte