This is an update made at the end of April. YouTube scheduling didn’t really happen as I’d promised. We reduced to one video a week, then to not even that. Videos are still coming but slower. Please continue to check our YouTube channel though it looks like it’ll be updated with new videos about once a fortnight from now on.

Stay well.


Heeeeeyyaaa! We’ve made some changes to your YouTube channel schedule. We’re making some efforts to dig in for the long-term and keep producing quality, useful media.

I’ll be publishing another post with the 2017 changes to Spirit Lab as a whole, but I thought informing you about YouTube and XotB couldn’t wait.

Two programmes, 1 Channel

Until this week, Spirit Lab has run 1 YouTube channel, Out of the Blue or XotB (for those who came in late). This year, 2017, our emphasis is *empowering, and *catalyzing the entrepreneurial urge and spirit in all who’ve been moving out into New Enterprise or New, Big Projects this year.


Now we’ve split the channel in two, so to speak. We have the Enterprise Clinic programme that’ll run Wednesdays. And we have the Find Your Path programme that’ll run Fridays.

Enterprise Clinic continues our focus on thematic series of videos. (Add a reminder to your calendar below)

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Find Your Path will be non-series videos on subjects of destiny, life-project, and pursuing the freedom and fulfilment life holds out to *you, me, and everyone. (Add a reminder to your calendar below)

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New schedule

So, yes, we’re publishing new videos on different days of the week starting this week: Wednesdays and Fridays, no longer Tuesdays and Thursdays like before.

Creative Push

Influenced somewhat by French New Wave (a 1960s movement in film-making) we’re also trying out new forms, and making efforts to push the envelope creatively. The goal here is better communication, as well as more interesting, more memorable videos.

You can see the beginnings of this with the start of our new series, The DREAMER’s Journey, which is about taking your dream along the path towards its realization—especially this video, DREAMER’s journey part 2—Your dream relocates you which is made entirely with short movie clips and images.

Or you can just watch it below > :-)


If you haven’t ever been on our YouTube channel, visit and see if it’s the kind of thing you resonate with. We’re also very interested in any suggestions, or requests of things you’d like to see on the channel.

I hope to see you on there soon.

Boa noite e boa sorte