This page was first written on 12th July 2013. I can’t remember what it was then.

It has since been revised many, many times.

Now, this

I’ve decided after a long intermission, (a seemingly incessant, interminable, interludial lacuna of lassitude and laxity) in between blog posts, to repurpose this website. Bulcirfa spiritlab is now where I think through and write to discover answers and understand things. After all, like most of us, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on and why we experience the things we do.

You might have heard that writing (especially essays) isn’t explaining what we think, but rather finding out what we think. Journaling too.

And so…

Blah blah, this website is my shrink’s couch. Here is the lab where I examine this corrosion, where the cure is developed for the sick spirit of our times.

If you look high enough, or low enough, you’ll see what the battles we wage for freedom and fulfillment and love in a technological wasteland infected with political rot and institutional obsession, what all this is doing to us all. You’ll see devouring markets running rampant with no human captains at the helms. And you won’t avoid noticing a global celebrity-driven society, rabid and drooling, pushing us like lemmings over the cliff of our sobriety. Into an abyss of…what?

The audience of this blog-site-haven-chemistry-lab is me, because I am all of us.

What’s “bulcirfa”?

Ever heard the album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts by Byrne and Eno? Or read the phantasmagoric little book, The Palm Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola, that inspired the album’s title? They both explore something like journeys into the spirit world, and in a round about way inspirited the name of this site.

Bulcirfa, the name, aims to conjure images of an imaginary world—a Xanadu or Shambala—a literary wonderland, an exotic culture far away. Hopefully it does.

Who am I?

My name is Johnson Salmon Kitololo. I have a business revolving around web technology and strategy—that’s how I make a living. This is my non-biz website.

This is me, in 2017.

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