This page was first written on 12th July 2013. I can’t remember what it was then.

It has since been revised many, many times.

Now, this

I’ve decided after a long intermission, (a seemingly incessant, interminable, interludial lacuna of lassitude and laxity) in between blog posts, to repurpose this corner of the web. My website, spiritlab Bulcirfa now serves as my thinking place, a sandbox where I write out answers to anything perplexing me at the time.

For I have found…

… that when I genuinely don’t have answers, I’ve got a very strong drive to find the answer, and in the process, to state the problem succinctly.

It’s the old cliché—we write to discover what we think, or to clarify matters for ourselves.

Granted, the things that tie my mind up in knots may not be of any interest to anybody. The blogging may still itself be interesting for the biographical matter contained therein as raw material in the quest or it’s resolution.

My name is J. Salmon Kitololo. This website is my blog, or as I like to say, “my personal website”.

How I (J Salmon Kitololo) look

Above is likely what I look like right now.